Great Ideas for Solar System Projects

ideas for solar system project

The term solar system refers to a star, and all objects that orbit around it. The ‘star’ for our solar system is the sun, and the objects that orbit around it include: planets, dwarf planets, moons, asteroids, and comets. Since our solar system is so huge, it can be difficult to decide what you want your project to be on. We will help you decide on which topic of the solar system to cover, and from there, we’ll also show some great projects for each topic. Another great resource for learning about our solar system is the NASA website, which you can find by clicking here.

Detailed Solar system

Solar System Project Topics

Sun Structure

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– The Entire Solar System:

– Sun: The ‘star’ of our solar system – the sun. There are so many fascinating facts about our sun, this is a great topic to cover if you want to focus on one item, instead of the entire solar system. Our sun is big hot ball of gas, with a really complex structure. At the center of the sun is the core, which is approximately 27 million degrees Fahrenheit (or 15 million degrees Celsius). In addition to that, there are several zones and layers of the sun, which makes it a great topic to cover. To get more information regarding the sun’s complex structure, click here. For project ideas regarding the sun click here.

– Moon: Phases of the moon.

– Earth: Atmosphere and layers

– Planets:

– Dwarf Planets:

– Constellations:

– Seasons:

– Big Bang Theory:

– Eclipses:

– Kuiper Belt:

– Oort Cloud:

– Slingshot Effect:


Project: Sun

Project: Solar System Model

– Solar System Mobile: This is a really simple/beautiful project from the Martha Stewart site. You can check out the instructions here, or watch the video below.


If you want to take the extra step and make your model to scale, click here to check out this tool which will help. All you need to do is plug in the diameter of the sun you’re using and it automatically calculates all of the sizes and distances of the planets. Pretty cool, huh?

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